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      Classic Rockabilly Homewares and Accessories

      We love 1950s style here at Poison Arrow – but why stop at just your clothing, when you can fully immerse yourself in true rockabilly style? Fill your home with our beautiful, classic homewares – from our retro printed cushions, tea towels and throw pillow covers.

      Deck out the man cave, or decorate your home to express your unique, personal style. Our gear is just at home in the lounge room or bedroom, or you might even throw a couple of our Route 66 cushions in the back window of your classic ride. They’re handy to bring along on roadtrips, or even movie night down at the drive-in.

      We even have funky, retro shower curtains available as a special order – so you really can give the whole house a makeover. Check out our range of classic rockabilly homewares and accessories today!

      Fill Your Home with Classic Homewares

      Our tea towels don’t have to just stay in the kitchen. They can double as a stylish wall hanging – with a wide collection of rockabilly and hotrod-style prints available.

      They’re perfect for the man cave – or make a great gift. We have designs for both guys and gals – hotrods for Dad, or wine and Quaran-tini Time for Mum! Our tea towels are made with quality materials, with a blend of 50% linen, 50% cotton – so you know they’re made to last.

      Our throw pillows and printed cushion covers also suit both men and women. Throw back to the good old days (get it, throw pillow) with our Elvis or Marilyn Munroe pillow covers – or we also have a wide range of patterns with roses, skulls, bats, spider webs, cherries, milkshakes and many more!

      There’s something to suit every taste and just about every aesthetic, so we’ve well and truly got you covered with our retro, rockabilly homewares. We print many of these designs to order – so get in touch with us today.

      Retro Homewares with Rockabilly, Vintage and Hotrod themes

      Our special order shower curtains are custom-printed on waterproof polyester fabric, and designed to fit standard-sized bathtubs.

      Choose from our funky range of designs – from cherries to pineapples and Sailor Gals! These are truly a unique gift, and designed to make your bathroom a whole lot more fun.

      Transform Your Life and Home with Our Accessories Today

      We’re all about vintage and retro fashion here at Poison Arrow – and we’re here to help you fill your life with a range of cool rockabilly-style clothes and accessories, from our handbags to shoes, dresses, t-shirts and more!

      Looking for something in particular but can’t see it? Reach out and contact us, or give us a call on 0416 155 909. We’ll be only too happy to assist you.

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